Play Blackjack online Canada – have fun and gain profit as well

Play Blackjack online Canada and get decent rewards

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world; little wonder that Canadians also love to play it. Luckily, online gambling is legal for the residents of the country, so they can enjoy this widely cherished game. And, best of all, the gamblers can play Blackjack online in Canada for free.

How to play Blackjack online in Canada for free

Canadian and overseas online casinos offer many possibilities to play card games, including Blackjack without depositing any funds. Some of them give free spins for registered users only, while others provide free of charge experience for all the gamblers without registration.

To play Blackjack online in online casino Canada, you’ll need a laptop/PC or mobile device, connected to the Internet. Online Blackjack version of the game is very similar to real-life one, except that the cards are dealt not by a human dealer, but by an automated program. You have to click on Deal to get your cards and then choose between Hit, Double or Stand. As you play Blackjack for free, you can make bets using your virtual balance.

Blackjack for beginners – how to master your strategy and avoid losses

There are some useful advice on how to play Blackjack for beginners:

  • Learn the rules – it won’t take you more than half an hour to read the rules, but you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy the game to the full extent.
  • Scoring is also important, make sure you know what rank do the cards have and how to calculate the score.
  • Start with basic strategy – try playing a standard game with traditional (52) deck of cards, 13 card ranks, etc. After you learn the basics, you will be ready to discover new strategies.
  • And finally, one of the most important tips – never chuck away the chance to play Blackjack for free.

Canadian Blackjack – rules and strategy

Did you know that Canadians invented their own variation of Blackjack? It is called Canadian 21 or Canadian Blackjack. The rules differ from the standard ones:

  • There are 6 Decks;
  • Hit on 17;
  • It is possible to double any two cards;
  • There’s no Hole card;
  • It is possible to resplit to 4 hands (Aces included);
  • Late surrender can be used in this game.

There is a strategy that helps to maximize chances to win; it is based on a specific algorithm of hitting, doubling, staying or splitting pairs in accordance with the cards you have in your hand. For example, if you have 9 or 10 in your hand – then Stay, if 2 or 3 – Double vs 5, 6, or hit, if 8 – Double vs 6 or hit. This strategy was developed by the gamblers not so long ago; you can try it or create your own one.

Many online casinos offer free games nowadays, so why don’t you relish the opportunity to master your skills and play Blackjack online Canada? Even if you do not live in this country, you can try playing Canadian Blackjack, gain new skills and just have fun.

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